Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coolest Chair Ever.

The other day I was very bored and as usual when I am bored I wandered to my computer and clicked on the little stumble button which always brings me some interesting things and ideas. By the way if you don't have stumble I seriously suggest that you get it. You just put in some of your interests and it will bring up related pages. Anyways I happened to "stumble" on a youtube page of a chair which In my humble opinion is the coolest chair ever. It is called 'FlexibleLove.' FlexibleLove experimental furniture incorporates an `accordian-like, honeycomb' structure to create durable furniture pieces produced from widely-available, low-cost recycled materials. FlexibleLove furniture pieces, such as FlexibleLove 16, are made wholly from recycled paper and wood products, and are produced using pre-existing manufacturing processes in order to reduce their overall impact on the environment. The name "FlexibleLove" was derived from the concept of a `flexible love-seat' - seating that could hold from one to as many as sixteen individuals; changing length and shape with a simple pull at each end. A honeycomb structure, used throughtout the entire FlexibleLove line, produces an accordian-like result that allows each piece to be collapsed and extended with ease. If you want to you can go to the site at http://www.flexiblelove.com/ for any that want one (like me) I emailed the company and they said they're only made in Taiwan at the moment but they will ship directly to any interested ones. The FlexibleLove 16 costs $540 USD to the FlexibleLove 8 which costs $360 USD. They also charge a flat fee of $150 USD to ship them. I have the ordering information if anyone is interested, just let me know.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Never-ending travel

Well today is officially the last day of my latest (and longest) Lethbridge excursion. It was a very enjoyable and beneficial trip.

Highlights include:
Songs being written, helping Megs and Ash move in, Crazy tea-parties followed by cramming six people into the back of a truck underneath a cover and spreading joy to various peoples homes (it was actually incredibly fun), lots of service, a circuit assembly, lots of guitar playing, even the trip home was an enjoyable experience with such memorable times and phrases as, "Dead Mime Fish", "I'm not arguing"(I think that's what I said) and many others which I can't remember (but believe me they were definitely memorable)

The rest of the Lethbridge folk whom I have spent much of my Lethbridge time with left earlier today, which left me feeling quite burdened by all that came flooding to my head now that I am for the most part alone. Mostly that I really would like to move from Nelson, but not being done school it would not be a very smart thing to do. Also what I would like to do for work, which is an endless source of pain,grief, misery and time being sucked away from you for many people so I usually try to put off thinking about it but I'll have to some time. Also During my Lethbridge travel the possibility of moving in with some friends for the summer arose and who knows that might happen. That thought brought on another thought that I've only been in Lethbridge while in a vacation state, where I haven't had to work and that could be hugely affecting how I'm judging it as to if I should move their even if only temporarily. It also brought up the thought of it would be possibly to be always travelling while never having to get a permanent job in aone fixed location but being able to do a job where you have the flexibility to do work and earn enough so to be able to travel and support yourself (even if only very modestly); this in my opinion would be one of the optimal ways to live. Now if only I could find a job where that was plausible.

Anyways I have boring, painstaking everyday school work to do and that will at the very least keep me busy (for a little while) until I have my next leave of absence from Nelson. Which at the latest should be in a month and some, so at the present time their is light at the end of a short tunnel at the moment, now to hope that their is no power-out on the way.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Please Understand my Myers-Briggs Personality Obsession

At this point in time it feels weird almost unnerving that I am writing about the book Please Understand Me II. This because it seems that almost everyone in a close proximity to me is also very interested in it and writing about it. Then again my need to disclose what I have found perfectly coincides with what the book says about my XNFP (Champion/Healer) personality in that I am "eager to relate the stories they've uncovered, hoping to disclose some truth about people and issues." Basically Ryan and Brittany got Dan hooked on this book and now that I'm at his house its been the focal point of at least a dozen conversations. Now Dan has his own personal copy of Please Understand Me II and we have gone and done the test to find out the personalities of others with interesting results. Me and Dan have also gotten quite good at guessing peoples personalities, so far we are 5/5 in Lethbridge. While we were doing the test with a few others I got the sudden urge to do the test again, so I did it and I came out as what I thought I was an ENFP/INFP (Champion/Healer) except I was very surprised at the degree I was. I say this because in the test I came out as a 5/5 split for E/I, 2/18 for S/N, 0/20 for T/F and 2/18 for J/P. It might be just me but I though that it very interesting to be leaning that much toward Intuition, leaning completely to the feeling side and being very much a perceiving person. I'm still not sure what this means for me but as my personality type shows I will continue to search for the deeper meaning in this, so I guess I'll find out eventually.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An unwanted straw hat, Thinking device for the 21st century.

Tonight as I was wearing a straw hat that I obtained through some random events I started thinking. First I thought of cliche I could possibly by dressing as countryish as possible for me when I go to Lethbridge (which I'll probably still do.) Then I got to thinking if country type people, (cowboys in specific) could actually be happy being the people they are. Then I started to think if anyone who links him/her self to any kind of group whether hillbilly, hobo, prep, goth, skater can actually be happy being identified by people as that particular group of people. Then I finally came to the thought of, can anyone actually be happy about the person they are or will people always want to be, want to change, or want to try to better themselves to become different people. Basically I realized I came to the whole the grass is always greener on the other side idea. As humans we have a desire to have and in this case be what we are not, to make ourselves into what we believe at the time will make us happy. This thinking is not practical because even if we learn that skill or spend more time with our family or friends, even if we attain to that idea of what will make us a better person, the person we want to be, our idea of who we want to be will have changed or their will be completely new goals or skills or people that we want to be once we meet our previous goals, if we meet them at all. Then trying to bring some closure to my thoughts I realized I couldn't and maybe that its just a fact of life that we want to always be different than what we are or what we were. In some senses its a good thing, its what drives people to become better individuals (according to themselves) and makes life interesting. I guess I'll just have to learn to deal with it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Paper Record Player

The other day I was checking out my sister-in-laws blog at http://www.cucumbersome.com/
and she had posted about this record player that was made completely of paper. Upon seeing such a thing I instantly thought of how it could be built. But being the non-building person I am, I have no clue. It is now my goal though to figure out how to build this record player of paper, so any help or suggestions on how to build it would be most appreciated.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Insatiable interest in Lost

As I sat watching Lost, the show that everyone I know loves, i started to wonder why people actually do like it. I've asked a few people and they've all said they don't really know. I think that this is false because if they didn't know why they liked it they wouldn't watch it. So I think its a matter of the subconscious. I think people can (on a subconscious level and some people on the conscious if they think about it) relate to the amount of questions and uncertainty of the characters of Lost. People can understand how if one of your questions get answered that at least ten more questions arise. That's why I think people have an unyielding interest to watch Lost. Especially since its a t.v. show that has to have a conclusion; this brings people a sense of hope not just for the characters on the show but also for their own lives, in that at some time they too can have closure on issues. This is only my opinion though and its just a t.v. show and now I feel as if I've almost delved to deep in a show that is made purely to attract the most viewers so that the commercials have a wider target audience. Oh well.

Monday, March 10, 2008

First for everything.

This is the first blog I've ever tried writing. Everyone else is doing it so I thought I might as well join on the bandwagon. So today I finished writing my "first" song. I say "first" because I've actually written about 4 or 5 but only finished one and I don't think its all that good, therefore this new song called "I Wanted to Know" is now my first song. I'm usually a happy person and write happy songs but this is sad, not quite sure why. If I could I would direct people to a place to listen to this song but I need to record and who knows how long that might take. Once I have recorded it, it will be on my virb account at http://virb.com/backend/ianmcmaster. Please bear in mind that their are no songs on that site at the moment but their will be once I can record some.